“What the book lacks in subtlety it makes up for in ferocity, attacking the BCS from the opening page and never letting up on the theme that the college football bowl system is a terrible way to crown a champion of a great sport.” — Pat Forde, ESPN.com

“A love letter to logic, meticulously reported and written with the kind of clarity you suspect a preacher aspires to when trolling for possible converts.” — Mike Vaccaro, New York Post

“This here is a rant, a metal chair to the head, a no-holds barred, no-mercy, none-dare-call-it-treason tirade. … It certainly makes the book a lot of fun to read and and as irresistible as a caged match.” — Joe Posnanski, SI.com

“Required reading for college football fans.” — Tony “Mr. College Football” Barnhart, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Alternately brilliant and scary. You will put the book down sweaty, angry and wishing you could do something to change the system.” — Nando DiFino, The Wall Street Journal

“I did not fully appreciate the folly of the BCS until I read Death to the BCS. There is damning material here.” — Michael Rosenberg, Detroit Free Press

“You might say the only positive thing the BCS has created in its history is this book.” — Matt James, The Fresno Bee

“The buzz of college football. The new book takes out the Bowl Championship Series at the knees.” — Dennis Dodd, CBS Sports

“It does grave damage to all the myths the BCS pushers spread like fertilizer, using a blend of facts, figures, interviews, anecdotes and alternatives that confirm everything you ever presumed was wrong with college football’s postseason. It gives hope that common sense will finally reign.” — Scott Michaux, Augusta Chronicle

“The playoff they’ve developed, a 16-team extravaganza that features home games for the top seeds until the national final in some warm weather site, makes practical and financial sense. Death to the BCS! Where’s my pitchfork?” — Bob Kravitz, Indianapolis Star

“The plan put forward by Wetzel, Peter and Passan is certainly the strongest BCS-alternative to date. It is imperative that other sports journalists, college administrators and football fans read Death to the BCS.” — Brian Frederick, The Huffington Post

“From missed class time to how it would impact the regular season, the book takes every argument made against a playoff and blows it up with the force of a bazooka.
Reading Death to the BCS was especially poignant for me.” — Dan Wolken, Memphis Commercial Appeal

“If you care about college football, regardless of how you feel about the BCS, the book is worth your time. It’s informative, provocative, entertaining and unapologetic — by far the most complete argument against the BCS.” — Sam Mellinger, The Kansas City Star

“The book accurately and diligently points out what people have known for years: The BCS is fundamentally flawed, at times a joke, and very controversial.” — Chris Dufresne, Los Angeles Times

“Chances are, come January, the BCS will be a hot topic and anyone with an opinion will have better read this book.” — Michael Coffey, Publishers Weekly

“The book is so chilling in its exposure of the unseemly side of the bowl racket, that you will feel compelled to shower each week after perusing the BCS standings. It’s that infuriating.” — Sean Pendergast, Houston Press

“Rejoice, all ye college football playoff supporters. You have a voice.” — Tom Shatel, Omaha World-Herald

“The book details how the corrupt bowl system is a boon for athletic directors, conference commissioners and bowl executives — but a money loser for just about everyone else, including athletic departments.” — Brian Murphy, Idaho Statesman

“A compelling argument carefully and painstakingly laid out.” — Dan Hinxman, Reno Gazette-Journal

“This book makes an awfully, awfully strong case.” — Sean Keeler, Des Moines Register

“The book likely will convert even the most ardent playoff opponent.” — Paul Costanzo, The Times Herald

“If you are a fan of college football, this is a must-read — even if you like the bowl system. No, make that especially if you like the bowl system.” — Jerry Palm, CBS Sports

“As scornful as its title.” — Steve Wieberg and Jack Carey, USA Today

“The authors offer a compelling alternative plan.” — Matthew Ott, The Associated Press

“Not only does it expose a lot of the hypocrisy in the cash-driven BCS hierarchy, it gets into how flawed math and corruption determine what teams go to the national title game.” — Tom Hoffarth, Los Angeles Daily News

“An attack on the BCS that will make the power six conference commissioners cringe and enrage college football fans across the country.” — R.J. Young, The Oklahoma Daily