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Why Oklahoma quit

Trailing Missouri 36-27 with 2:24 remaining on Saturday, Oklahoma had the ball and at least some hope of springing a miracle comeback. This is college football after all, and while the Sooners chances were slim, stranger things have happened. Bob … Continue reading

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Why is Florida still getting votes in the Harris Poll?

The University of Florida hasn’t won a football game in a month. Its current losing streak is its worst in 11 years. Its early-season victories came against opponents with a combined 14-16 record. It just hasn’t been much of a … Continue reading

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We have inspired a song, and it is good

We’ll have another post up soon, and it’s a doozy. In the meantime, enjoy this slice of awesomeness from the guys at Mock Session.

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A poll-emic: More ugliness and spin from the BCS

We could certainly do an entire post on the absurdity of the polls and how they impact the BCS standings. After all, nothing illustrates the system’s general failure quite like the University of Florida earning 47 points (good enough to … Continue reading

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The big day and the weeks ahead

In early February, we turned in the manuscript for Death to the BCS. After two years of work, we felt like we had sufficiently unraveled the Bowl Championship Series, and I won’t lie: I wanted to climb atop a mountain … Continue reading

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Why we wrote Death to the BCS

Welcome to entry No. 1 of what will be many on this blog. Dan and I will post throughout the season, especially once the Bowl Championship Series standings come out after next week’s games. We hope this will become the … Continue reading

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